Laptop Repairs

Reliable repairs done in-store

  • Receive face-to-face support for your problems when you walk in our store, or just give us a ring.
  • Simply visit us and see a consultant at any time to get your laptop repaired.
  • All repairs are done in-store, so you know exactly who is taking care of you.

No warranty? Water damage ? No worries, we can bring the new life to your lovely laptop.

  • We don’t discriminate. If you’re using an older machine we’re really happy to service it – with or without a warranty.
  • Spilled the beer on your lovely laptop ? Don’t let your party stop, we can save its life and bring it back to life for you.

Put your trust in the Professional Technician, Engineer and Professional Equipment

  • At Plug n Play Computers, we really know our stuff. We have the engineers and technicians that have been working on logic board repairs for over 18 years; we have the R&D laboratory level Professional equipment to care for your lovely Laptop or Apple Macbook, you can trust we’re the experts in Everything electronic, laptop, Apple and More.

Repairing Process

  • Inquire(Pre-Quotation) Receive Job Inspection(Repair Quotation) Repair After Repairing Testing Delivery to Customer 2 Months to 1 year Warranty